Become a Professional Insurance Adjuster! When you become a certified Property Adjuster, you become a member of one of the most unique professions in the country! When there is a catastrophic storm (typically hurricanes in the South), you will potentially be able to work at least two, three, or four months out of the year, make more than most people do working all year, and have the satisfaction of helping hundreds of people in their time of extreme need. You will be able to utilize your education, talents and skills in a profession which allows you to make an earned income based on how hard you want to work - not what someone feels you are worth. You are an independent contractor who will be compensated a percentage of the billable claims that you work. Step 3 Step 2 Step 1 You must be licensed in the Insurance industry. You need to take a basic adjuster training course. You need to take an Xactimate estimating software course. Step 4 You have the opportunity to take a only Rope & Harness Class Click to see why AITech Terry Freeland at 770-365-0606